Welcome to Uwaila Couture, where we are committed to give you the latest African fashion with influential trends from the American culture! My name is Uwaila and I am the founder of Uwaila Couture, discovered through my passion and talent in the fashion world.

 Growing up in Nigeria during my early infant/childhood days I was exposed to bold bright and expressive African print clothing and I would envision my future self wearing these beautiful and creative fabrics. My mother closet was my workspace where I'd put my dreams into reality by playing dress up in her clothes while she wasn't at home. I would create unique pieces from my mother's African fabrics and walked around the house feeling confident as if I was destined to be the next Naomi Campbell. I tried my best to always keep things the way she left it so she wouldn't notice.  After secretly living my dream in my mothers closet in my early childhood days, my family migrated to the United States in 2002 to start a new life.


As a young fashionista, every and anywhere I went to I would instantly observe the people around me along with their attires to capture a sense of American fashion was like. After years of continuous education and social interaction with new people and culture I felt that I truly understand what the Western world fashion was like. I saw that the everyday fellow dressed down in color and "kept it safe" to stay uniform with demographic environment. There is nothing wrong with keeping it safe, but usually I found myself wanting to somehow be unique to my environment. During my teen and adult years I would usually get compliments from others because I would always find a way to look different from everyone else's style. People would ask me where I made my clothes and where I bought them from.This is exactly when I found the need to create bright and bold clothing that also fit American Style. I sat down for hours and began sketching designs utilizing African print fabric and thought the world can use a little cultured inspiration in fashion.